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In recent reports from the UK, the US  and Australia e-cigarettes have been proven to be a successful method of quitting traditional cigarettes.

As opposed to a cigarette, e-cigarettes only contain nicotine, not the other 3500 chemicals which cause disease and terminal illness. 

Nicotine for e-cigarettes is not legally available for sale in Australia, however you can import it from overseas. This reverse protectionism is illogical and is taking away business from local merchants.

Furthermore, those who are least likely to be able to access imported e-cigarettes are those who are the most vulnerable and least well off. These people ought have the most access to effective quitting aids.

Earlier in the year, Senator Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats attempted to have e-cigarettes classified the same as Cigarettes. This was blocked by the Government and Opposition. Now, Senator Leyonhjelm is leading the Crossbench to block any Health Bills until e-cigarettes have been made legal


Health Minister Greg Hunt does not like e-cigarettes. He has adopted a “Not on my watch” stance on the legalization of nicotine for e-Cigarettes, even though they have been proven to help people quit the more toxic traditional cigarette. Do us a favour and #dontbeahunt




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